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    $500 Realtor Credit Promotion Rules and Regulations

    Congratulations on your $500.00 Realtor Credit through Saye Triangle Realty

    We want to support you in your efforts to buy or sell home both professionally and with some financial incentive

    Our attorney says we have to have some written limitations, so here they are…

    1. Realtor credit via authorized promotional token (poker style chip) only
    2. Valid only with a purchase or sale with Saye Triangle Realty
    3. Limit ONE per transaction
    4. Credit is provided at time of closing and is invalid without a completed transaction
    5. Buyer transactions are paid as Realtor paid closing costs and Lender Approval is required.
    6. Promotion is limited in duration and may be terminated at any time without prior notification.
    7. Acceptance of the token is at the sole discretion of Saye Triangle Realty


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